Sponsoring Organizations

College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

John Dewey Society

Founded in 1935, the John Dewey Society exists to keep alive John Dewey's commitment to the use of critical and reflective intelligence in the search for solutions to crucial problems in education and culture. We subscribe to no doctrine, but in the spirit of Dewey, we welcome controversy, respect dissent, and encourage the responsible discussion of issues of special concern to educators. We also promote open-minded, critical reconsiderations of Dewey's influential ideas about democracy, education, and philosophy.

Philosophy of Education Society

The Philosophy of Education Society was founded to (1) promote the fundamental philosophic treatment of the problems of education, (2) promote the clarification of agreements and differences among the several philosophies of education through the opportunities for discussion afforded by annual meetings, (3) advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education both in schools for the education of teachers and in other educational institutions, (4) cultivate fruitful relationships between workers in general philosophy and workers in philosophy of education, (5) cultivate fruitful relationships between scholars in philosophy of education and those in other areas of education, and (6) encourage promising students in the field of philosophy of education.

Contributing Organizations

California Association for Philosophy of Education

Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society

Midwest History of Education Society

Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society

Society for the Philosophical Study of Education

Southeast Philosophy of Education Society


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