From the Editor

Nicholas C. Burbules

Welcome to the Web site of the journal Educational Theory. First published in 1951, this publication has long served as an important forum for scholarship and debate in the foundations of education. Sponsored by the John Dewey Society and the Philosophy of Education Society, and supported by several other scholarly associations, Educational Theory has always had a central concern with issues in the philosophy of education. But its scope of theoretical work is much broader than that and it has always been a venue where philosophers and theoretically inclined scholars from other educational disciplines engage in a shared conversation about educational ideas, values, and policy issues. As work in the field of education has moved from strictly disciplinary to increasingly interdisciplinary modes, Educational Theory has sought to represent the best of both discipline-based and interdisciplinary scholarship. Indeed, for us these have never been conflicting purposes; the best interdisciplinary work always has a strong disciplinary core.

Educational Theory is owned and operated by the University of Illinois, and published in partnership with Wiley Publishing. For information on subscriptions or purchasing, see here. Present and archival contents of the journal can be found on the Wiley Online Library.

On this site can be found information on the history and background of the journal, information for authors on submissions, information for journal reviewers, and general requirements for publishing in Educational Theory.

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