Philosophy of Education 2016

Editor: Natasha Levinson, Kent State University

Table of Contents

Editorial Board PDF
Table of Contents PDF
Preface PDF


Philosophy of Education and Philosophizing about Education in the Gap Between Past and Future PDF
Natasha Levinson xi-xxi

Presidential Essay

The Importance of Understanding Discourse in Social Justice Education: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth? PDF
Barbara Applebaum 1-14
The Role of Truth in Social Justice Education … and Elsewhere PDF
Nicholas C. Burbules 15-18

Distinguished Invited Essay

What Would it Mean to Decolonize Pedagogy?: Enrique Dussel’s Pedagogics of Liberation PDF
Linda Martin Alcoff 19-31
On Madness, Prophecy, and Outlaw Praxis: Thinking from Exile PDF
Eduardo Duarte 32-37

Featured Essays

Polanyi and the Secular Age: The Promise of Broudy’s “Allusionary Store” PDF
Jon M. Fennell 38-46
Broken Threads, Interpretive Frames, and Conceptions of the Educated Person PDF
Chris Higgins 47-50
Remembering, Forgetting, and Learning Amidst a Time of Extraordinary Rendition: The Guantánamo Camp as a Museum of Forgetting PDF
Mario Di Paolantonio 51-59
Exploring Strategies of Forgetting and Ignorance in Social Justice Education: Can We Forget What We Don’t Know? PDF
Jennifer Logue 60-63
Reconsidering the “Ped” in Pedagogy: A Walking Education PDF
LeAnn M. Holland 64-73
A Walking Education: Taking it Further PDF
Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer 74-76


Being in the Gap Between Past and Future: Hannah Arendt and Torah Lishmah PDF
Gad Marcus 77-83
When the Effect Validates the Cause: Studying as an End in Itself in Arendt and Torah Lishmah PDF
Stephanie Mackler 84-87
Authoring Teacher Authority in the Lives of Children: The Case of M. Lazhar PDF
Aparna Mishra Tarc 88-96
Authority on the Dark Continent of Childhood PDF
Kip Kline 97-99
Prefacing as Educating: Building Educational Utopias and Barber’s Strong Democracy PDF
Samantha Deane 100-108
Rediscovering the Educating Forest Through the Prefacing Trees: Drawing Lessons from Barber’s Strong Democracy PDF
Tony DeCesare 109-112
Fulfilling the Rousseauian Fantasy: Video Games and Well-Regulated Freedom PDF
Gideon Dishon 113-121
Video Games: Rousseauvian Dream or Skinnerian Nightmare? PDF
David Waddington 122-125
Bring the State Back into Focus: Civic Society, the State, and Education PDF
Quentin Wheeler-Bell 126-134
The State and Civil Society in Rejuvenating Public Schools PDF
Sarah Stitzlein 135-137
Lost in Translation: Wittgenstein, Training, Education, and Abrichtung PDF
Norm Friesen 138-149
I Am in Training: Wittgenstein on Language Acquisition PDF
Megan Laverty 150-153
Null and Nuller? Laughing About Injustice, from Jon Stewart to John Oliver PDF
Liz Jackson 154-163
Jokes That Bern: One, and That’s Not Funny PDF
Cris Mayo 164-166
Towards Deep Liberation: A Gadamerian Correction to Critical Pedagogy PDF
Seamus Mulryan 176-175
On Not Being Arrested as a Wizard PDF
Charles Bingham 176-178
(Mis)Understanding the Student Experience PDF
Amanda Fulford 179-187
Understanding Student Experience PDF
Deborah Kerdeman 188-191
Green’s Predicting Thirty-Five Years On PDF
Randall Curren 192-200
There’s More to Education Than Equality of Opportunity PDF
Alexander Sidorkin 201-203
Dialectics of Education: Adorno on the Possibility of Bildung in Consumer Society PDF
Douglas Yacek 204-213
Adorno, (Non-)Dialectical Thought, (Post-)Autonomy, and the Question of Bildung PDF
Gregory N. Bourassa 214-217
Educational Transformation and the Force of Film: Viewing Michael Haneke’s The Seventh Continent PDF
Stefan Ramaekers, Naomi Hodgson 218-226
Invitations to Island and Riverside, Not Continent: Gleams of Happiness for a Domephobic Family PDF
Kanako Ide 227-229
Between the Teacher’s Past and the Student’s Future: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Pedagogical Presence PDF
Trent Davis 230-238
Loosening Psychoanalysis and Being Present Towards an Unknown Future PDF
Sean Blenkinsop 239-241
Discerning a Temporal Philosophy of Education: Understanding the Gap Between Past and Future Through Augustine, Heidegger, and Huebner PDF
Yu-Ling Lee 242-249
Planning for Spontaneity or Preparing for Kairos in the Classroom PDF
Kevin Gary 250-252
Surprise in the Fostering of Rationality PDF
Kunimasa Sato 253-261
Surprise, Learning, and Schefflerian Rationality PDF
Katariina Holma 262-264
The Concept of Authority and the Swedish Educational Crisis PDF
Johan Dahlbeck, Peter Lilja 265-273
Crisis Management: Hannah Arendt and the Rehabilitation of Teacher Authority PDF
Dini Metro-Roland 274-277
“One Day is a Whole World”: On the Role of the Present in Education Between Plan and Play PDF
Oded Zipory 278-286
Time, Progress, and the Rise of Reason PDF
Denise Egea 287-290
“My Momma Wouldn’t Give Me to the Count of Three”: A Sociological Response to Philosophical Critiques of the No-Excuses Approach to Schooling PDF
Amy J. Shelton 291-299
Momma Said [Education’ll] Knock You Out PDF
Kal Alston 300-302
The Philosophical and Educational Big Bang: An Aristophanic-Deweyan Archaeology PDF
Stefano Oliverio 303-311
What Shall We Do with the Children? PDF
Gert Biesta 312-314
The Intellectual Goals of Character Education PDF
Ben Kotzee 315-324
The Conceptual and Practical Role of Intellectual Virtues in Moral Education PDF
Rebecca Taylor 325-327
Tradition, Authority, and Education: Insights from Gadamer and Giussani PDF
Brett Bertucio 328-336
Against a Disguised Defence of Religious Initiation PDF
John Tillson 337-340
Philosophy For Policy Makers? A Critique and a Proposal PDF
Francis Schrag 341-349
What is Policy to the Philosopher? PDF
Winston C. Thompson 350-352
Pedagogy of Time and a Decolonial “Present” PDF
Nassim Noroozi 353-362
“My man Friday”: Economizing Encirclement, the Other Phantasm, Derrida’s Debt PDF
Zelia Gregoriou 363-366
Even Philosophers of Education Get the Blues: A “Relevancy Dilemma” in the Gap Between Past and Future PDF
David E. Meens 367-376
Philosophers Are the Only Academics Who Get the Blues (or Need to) PDF
Kurt Stemhagen 377-379
Tolerance Meets the Intolerable: Bounded Tolerance and a Pedagogy of Welcome PDF
John Covaleskie 380-388
Actions, Consequences, and Community Boundaries PDF
Ann Chinnery 389-392
Receiving Students and Patients: Professional Education and the Double Challenge of Hospitality PDF
Claudia W. Ruitenberg 393-401
Is Professional Education a “Double Challenge?” PDF
Christopher Martin 402-405
The Use and Abuse of the History of Educational Philosophy PDF
Avi I. Mintz 406-413
Beyond Saints and Canons PDF
Eric Bredo 414-416
The Janus Face of Autism: As the “Between” in Arendt’s Conception of Thinking PDF
Glenn M. Hudak 417-425
Thinking about Autism and Education PDF
Kevin McDonough 426-428
Time, Thinking, and the Experience of Philosophy in School PDF
Walter Omar Kohan 429-436
Time and Sensibility: Beyond Thinking as Cognition PDF
Guoping Zhao 437-439
Thinking in the Gap: Hannah Arendt and the Prospects for a Postsecular Philosophy of Education PDF
David J. Wolken 440-449
Deliberative Religiosity: Practicing a Postsecular Philosophy of Education PDF
David Lewin 450-452
Political Theology and Teacher Authority: A Trinitarian Alternative? PDF
Samuel D. Rocha 453-460
Public Thinking in the Gap Between Past and Future: Fieldwork as Philosophy PDF
Rachel Wahl 461-469
Philosophy of Education: What’s It Good For? PDF
Paula McAvoy 470-472
Putting the World in Peril: A Deweyan Aesthetic of Crisis in Social Justice Education PDF
Peter J. Nelsen 473-480
From Aesthetic Crisis to Consummation in Social Justice Education PDF
Jane Blanken-Webb 481-483
Remembering Otherwise: History and Citizenship Education of Shared Fates PDF
Sarah J. DesRoches 484-492
Bridging Unjust Divides: Revisiting Education for Shared Fate Citizenship PDF
Sigal Ben-Porath 493-495

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